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Bobcat Build



Bobcat Build is a Rain or Shine Event               

If weather becomes severe:   

Jobsite leaders will be contacted via email at 6am on Saturday, April 1st.

Homeowners will be contacted by phone at 6am on Saturday, April 1st.

These calls and emails contain all information necessary on how we will proceed with the event.  If you do not receive any form of contact, you will still be responsible for volunteering at your jobsite!

"A year of planning, a day of service."


April 1st, 2017

The Deadline for Volunteer Registration & Jobsite Request Forms has PASSED as of March 1st.
Please email with any questions.

Day is here!

Join the Planning Committee

Click HERE to learn how

For more information about Bobcat Build and how you can become involved, please e-mail us at or call our office at (512)-245-4245.

Video: What is Bobcat Build?

Video: Bobcat Build 2014 Recap