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Meet the Officers

Sam Kelling, Director


Hometown: Dallas, TX

Major: Sociology

Classification: Senior


"I am absolutely in love with Texas State and the San Marcos area! The connection Bobcat Build has with San Marcos and the endless opportunities this organization provides to give back to the community are my favorite things about Bobcat Build. Friends, family, and naps are a huge part in my life.  In my spare time, I love traveling to new places, trying new foods, and going to sporting events."


Emily Lund, Director


Hometown: Austin, TX

Major: Psychology

Minor: Biology

Class: Senior


"I’m in love with Texas State and its amazing community, and that’s a huge reason I’m in Bobcat Build.  Volunteering and giving back to others is a natural thing to me and I couldn’t be happier to represent this school while doing it. Coffee and Disney movies are my addictions, and my friends and family mean everything to me. I love going on adventures, crafting off Pinterest, and spending as much time as possible outside!"

Marissa Trevino, Outreach Chair

Hometown: San Antonio, Tx
Major: Communication Disorders
Class: Junior
"Texas State and the community that's surrounds it is beyond beautiful and amazing. Bobcat Build is a great way to keep the community beautiful along with meet those who make the community outside of Texas State. I love to volunteer plus meet new people and Bobcat Build allows me to do both. I also love Harry Potter and Aladdin, along with the Dallas Cowboys and San Antonio Spurs! My favorite color is turquoise, I listen to everything but mainly Country, I like to go dancing, and in my spare time you can catch me at the gym. The most important thing to me is my family, especially my Rodents, AKA my two little brothers."

Mallory Larsen, Outreach Chair


Hometown: Sealy, Tx 

Major: Interior Design 

Minor: Business Administration
Class: Junior
"About me: I love Texas State, and Bobcat Build. Bobcat Build has allowed me to connect with the community around me, help me feel more at home, and help me find friends that I hope to have for a life time. San Marcos has become my home away from home. When I'm not spending my time with Bobcat Build I'm either sleeping or working on projects in studio. I also LOVE Disney. I try to put it in many of my projects, and I watch it on the big screen while finishing up projects at 2am. I can never say no to watching a Disney movie, especially Frozen."

Megan Henley, Recruitment Chair

Hometown: Mesquite, Tx
Major: Nursing
Minor: Psychology
Class: Junior
"Just a Jesus lovin', coffee drinkin', Texas native who loves Texas State and the Hill Country. Super passionate about spreading love and optimism. I love Bobcat Build because everyone is wanted and welcomed and needed to make something as big as this successful, and giving back to such a giving and patient community is one of the greatest feelings." 

Olivia Miller, Recruitment Chair


Hometown: Rockport, TX

Major: Interior Design

Class: Junior


"Texas State is  the only school I applied to because the campus is so beautiful and honestly, it is the closest school to my hometown with an Interior Design program! Getting involved on campus and Bobcat Build was one of the best decisions I have made. It has opened so many doors for me and I have met the best people. I would like to live my life by the saying "eat well, travel often." As those are close to my heart. I love traveling to state parks and I love Pomeranians so much that  they make me cry from their cuteness."

Chris Carson, Programs Chair


Hometown: Fredericksburg, Texas

Major: Mass Communications – Electronic Media

Minor: Theatre

Class: Junior


"Texas State has always been my dream school ever since I was in middle school. San Marcos gave me the opportunity to enjoy the small town feel that I grew up with, but with the benefits of a much larger city. Upon hearing about Bobcat Build and the wondrous benefits it brings to the community of San Marcos it’s no wonder why I’m here. Aside from working for Bobcat Build, I am a Residential Assistant for Beretta, Brogdon, and Laurel halls. I enjoy that line of work too; however, Bobcat Build gives me the opportunity to see the side of San Marcos that not many students see while they’re in school. My hobbies when I’m not busy with school, work and Bobcat Build are playing videogames, hanging out with friends, going to the Outlet mall, and so much more. San Marcos is my home and I’m proud to be in it."

Emily Boyd, Programs Chair


Hometown: Houston, TX

Major: Accounting & Finance

Class: Junior


Laura Arsto


Hometown: Pearland, TX

Major: Biology

Minor: Business Administration

Class: Sophomore


"I am an outgoing person who love to get to know other people. I love to play ping pong and recently placed in the top 3 at two tournaments. I love giving back to the San Marcos community because of all the great things its given to me. Also, community service allows me to connect with something bigger then myself."

Scott Cuming


Hometown: Houston, TX

Major: Exercise Sports Science

Class: Senior


"I love San Marcos and Texas State! I am really excited to be a part of Bobcat Build because it feels good to help and give back to the community of San Marcos."