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Meet the Officers

Introducing the 2017-2018 officers:

grouped officers

Marissa Trevino, Director


Major: Communication Disorders

Classification: Senior

"Hey y’all, my name is Marissa M. Trevino. I am a senior and will be graduating from the Communication Disorders Program in May. This is my fourth and final year of being a part of the Bobcat Build Planning Committee. I joined Bobcat Build because it’s a service based organization and I love to volunteer and make a difference, plus I wanted to surround myself with individuals who had the same interest. The service that Bobcat Build provides is absolutely amazing! We encourage students to give back to the city of San Marcos as a “Thank you” for letting us, students, continue to live and learn in their beautiful city. After all, service is all about helping others."               

Laura Arsto, Director


Major: Biology

Minor: Chemistry and Business

Class: Junior

"I joined Bobcat Build as a freshman initially to earn volunteer hours while I was in college. I stayed in Bobcat Build because I was moved by the pure joy and love that everyone receives from this program. Texas State has provided me so much that the least I could do was give back to the community that surrounds me. Service is a big part of who I am and I have learned throughout my time in college that one person can make a difference."

Alison Grotzinger, Outreach Chair


Major: Marketing

Class: Junior

"I joined Bobcat Build because I really like the idea of helping the community of San Marcos as a whole and being involved in an organization that was fun and gave back. Service to me just basically means people giving back to other people around them and assisting in anyway they can."

Baylee Buehne, Outreach Chair


Major: Criminal Justice

Class: Sophomore


"I joined Bobcat Build last year to make new friends and get involved with Texas State and the San Marcos area and I have loved every minute of it. Service to me, is the good feeling you get when you are helping out others who are in need and seeing the impact you made in your community. "


Edith Perez, Recruitment Chair

Major: Communication Studies and Spanish
Class: Senior
"I strongly believe in giving thanks to the community of San Marcos for welcoming us as college students into their hometown and I feel like Bobcat Build does a magnificent job in showing appreciation to the community by taking the time and planning an event of such magnitude. Bobcat Build is a great way to get involved, create bonds, and create lasting memories. This is why I decided to join such a great organization. 'Service is the rent we pay for being. It is the very purpose of life and not something you do in your spare time.' -Marian Wright Edelman. Service to me is about sacrificing your time to assist others in need. Any little service can have an impact on someone's life and help you see things differently. Service to me isn't just about having to do something because I have to, it's about doing something because I want to help others less fortunate. It's a great outlet from your own personal world into someone else's. The simplest tasks that we take for granted are ones that others cherish due to them not being able to do it themselves for some unfortunate reason. Service is a way we can impact someone's life and influence our own."

Angelika Benavidez, Recruitment Chair


Major: Elementary Education EC-6th ESL Generalist

Class: Junior

"I joined Bobcat Build to get involved and give back to the beautiful community of San Marcos. Service is more then just giving back, but changing someone's life. One simple service to someone or an organization can definitely change your life and the person you helped. Think of Ghandi's quote " Be the change you want to see in this world." This is why I serve and give back to make a change."

Emily Boyd, Programs Chair


Major: Accounting

Class: Senior(ish)

"I joined Bobcat Build because I loved the sense of community I felt at any of the meetings and events and I am passionate about community service and doing kind acts for the residents of San Marcos. To me, service is any act of kindness with good intentions."

Belinda Atta, Programs Chair


Major: Social Work

Class: Sophomore

"I heard about Bobcat Build in high school. We were just starting the tradition in the community before I graduated and I was really excited about the impact it would make on others.

Service is putting others first. And In doing so I have found purpose and happiness in giving back to my community." 

Zoe Wisniewski, Operations Chair


Major: Biology

Minor: Biochemistry

Class: Junior

"I joined bobcat build to meet new friends and to do volunteer work with a group that I knew I could make a difference with.

To me service means contributing to something bigger than yourself. "

Madison Segovia, Operations Chair


Major: Communication Disorders

Minor: Psychology

Class: Sophomore

"I joined Bobcat Build last year because I love to help others and being a part of the Planning Committee is a good way to get involved with service hands on and behind the scenes. To me, service means giving your time and effort into something or someone who needs help. Service can be given to a person who is unable to help themselves, a cause that needs an advocate or even an entire community that needs support!"