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  • Bobcat Build was inspired by Texas A&M's program called "The Big Event," which has been an annual Aggie service project for over 20 years. This university-wide service day has grown to over 71 other schools across the nation, and this number is expected to increase in the upcoming year.  Currently, Texas State's Bobcat Build serves as the second largest one-day community service project in the state of Texas!

    The Bobcat Build Student Planning Committee works hard all year to put together an opportunity for Texas State to say "Thank you!" to the San Marcos community.

    Check out what other schools are doing:

    For more information, please email, check us out on Instagram @bobcatbuild, or call us at 512-245-4245.

  • Bobcat Build is one of Texas State University's largest traditions!  Thousands and thousands of Texas State Bobcats have participated in this event!  It is a chance to bring the Texas State community together and work towards building and maintaining our relationship with the community of San Marcos.  Bobcat Build is a way for Texas State to say "Thank You" to the residents of San Marcos for always supporting our students.

    Bobcat Build 2016 was one of our biggest events yet, bringing in over 4,700 student volunteers and serving 275 jobsites in the San Marcos area.

  • There are two ways to get involved with Bobcat Build.  Either you can join the Bobcat Build Student Planning Committee or participate as a student volunteer on the day of the big event.

    If you are interested in joining the Bobcat Build Student Planning Committee, please click here. (Committee applications are currently closed and open every Fall semester)

    If you are interested in being a student volunteer on the day of the event, speak to the President of your organization about signing your organization up!  If you are not part of an organization, you can sign up with some friends or by yourself and we will place you with other students on the day of the event.


  • Any Texas State student, faculty, or staff member can sign up to participate in Bobcat Build! We encourage student organizations to sign up together because our event is a great bonding opportunity!

    Individuals can sign up as well! We'll put you at a job site where you can make new friends.

    If you want to sign up with your group of friends, go ahead! You don't have to be in an organization to participate.

    We really encourage faculty and staff to get involved. Sign up with your class, peers, or department and help us say Thank You to San Marcos!

  • Sharing information about safety, job site locations, expectations, and schedules among thousands of students is a huge task and that is where Job Site Leaders come in! Job Site Leaders are student volunteers with a very important role. They are in charge of a group of students including themselves. Job Site Leaders sign up their group and complete required Job Site Leader training. Then they share the information they learned with their group.

  • San Marcos homeowners, non-profit organizations, and businesses can apply to become a Bobcat Build Jobsite.  After a jobsite evaluation, if you are selected, we will send a group of student volunteers to your property to help with raking, tree trimming, painting, or a variety of other tasks!