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Student Volunteers

Volunteer Guidelines

Participation sign-up is based around Jobsite Leaders. For every 20 participants we MUST have one contact person who has attended one of the Mandatory Meetings. Read below for information regarding signing up as a group or a registered organization. Individuals are categorized as Jobsite leaders. You will sign up for a Jobsite leader meeting when completing your registration.

If you are going to be a Jobsite Leader, login with your NetID and password to access the Participant Registration form.


  • If you are signing up on your own, you are automatically a Jobsite Leader and MUST attend one of the Jobsite Leader Meetings.This is to ensure that you have all the information you need about the day of the event
  • If you are part of an organization or class and would like to sign up with them, please talk to your student leader or professor and find out if they have started the sign up process!
  • Select “Individual or non-registered organization” from the drop-down list and include your name and NetID in the indicated fields

Non-Affiliated Groups or Non-Registered Organizations

  • If you have fewer than 20 people signing up, select one person to be your Jobsite Leader. They will fill out the participation form and include the names and NetIDs of their group in the indicated field. They must attend one of the Mandatory Jobsite Leader Meetings.
  • If you have more than 20 people signing up, you will need to select another Jobsite Leader to fill out the form and every Jobsite leader must attend one of the Mandatory Jobsite Leader Meetings. You need one Jobsite Leader for every 20 group members.
  • On the form's "Organization" field, select "Group or Non-registered organization." Be sure to put a name in the "Group or non-registered organization name" if you have more than one Jobsite Leader registering.

Registered Student Organizations

  • If you have a large organization, we may have to split your organization among several jobsites. This is why we need multiple Jobsite Leaders!
  • Select your organization from the drop-down list and fill out the information for yourself and up to 20 of your group members

Volunteer Expectations

Appropriate footwear (close-toe boots/sneakers) is REQUIRED for your safety. No flip flops, Sperry’s, Tom's or other casual shoes.

  • Jeans and long-sleeve shirts are highly recommended! Working outside can really scrape up your arms and legs.

  • Wear old clothes and shoes. In past years, people have thrown their shoes away at the end of their project.

  • Bobcat Build serves everyone and anyone in the San Marcos community. We do our best to reach out  to everyone. Our evaluation process is not based on economic status, but on our ability to complete the tasks requested.

  • Your group’s Jobsite Leader is responsible for making sure you know these expectations AND show up! Please keep in contact with the event staff if your group will not be able to attend Bobcat Build.

  • Jobs can range from weeding a community garden to washing windows to painting a house to removing debris from a vacant lot. Be prepared to work hard!

  • Stay until the job is complete. If you don't feel you'll be finished within a reasonable time, call Event Staff and more help will be sent.

  • To avoid confusion, remain with the group you signed up with. No changing or switching Jobsites.

  • Be prepared to assist at another Jobsite if your site takes less than 4 hours.

Volunteer for Bobcat Build April 4th, 2020!

Click on "Volunteer As An Individual" if you are a Texas State student, faculty, or staff who wants to register as an individual volunteer.

Click on "Volunteer As A Group" if you are a Texas State student, faculty, or staff registering a group of 2-20 volunteers.