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Group Volunteer Registration

If you are filling out this form, you are elected to be a Jobsite Leader and MUST attend a mandatory meeting to participate in this event. Jobsite Leaders will serve as the point of contact for their group.


Any persons registered after 19 will be invalid.

If you are wanting to volunteer as a group larger than 20 people (1 Jobsite Leader and 19 team members), complete additional registration forms for all of the other groups under the same "group name".

Each group NEEDS to have a DIFFERENT Jobsite Leader. Registering all of your groups under the same "group name" increases the likelihood, but does not guarantee, that everyone will be assigned to the same jobsite.

ATTENTION Jobsite Leader:

  • Jobsite Leaders are responsible for:

    • Distributing information to rest of group members

    • Attending one mandatory Jobsite Leader Meeting

    • Having each group member sign an indemnity form prior to Bobcat Build 2020

    • Calling their jobsite owners before the event

    • Checking-in their group on the day of Bobcat Build

    • Serving as representatives of Texas States and their student organizations/groups

If you are unsure about being a Jobsite Leader, please re-read the Participant Sign-Up Guidelines and the Online Registration Instructions PDF on that page. Email us at if you have questions!

  • Volunteers must wear appropriate footwear (closed-toe boots/sneakers). No flip flops, Sperry's, Tom's, or other casual shoes.

  • Volunteers must stay until the job is complete or a max of four (4) hours.

  • To avoid confusion, remain with the group you signed up with. Changing or switching job sites is not permitted.

  • Be prepared to assist at another job site if your site takes less than four (4) hours.

NOTE: T-shirts and breakfast snacks at the Kick-Off Event are going to be given out on a first-come first-serve basis, while supplies last.


By submitting this participation form you assume and agree to all of the terms stated in the Activity Release and Indemnity Agreement and you are stating that you are a job site leader for this event.

By checking the box below, I confirm that I have read and agree to the guidelines listed above. *

Do you speak fluent spanish? *
Bobcat Build often requires volunteers to transport tools with them to jobsites. Will you drive a large vehicle (truck, SUV with storage space) to the Kick-Off event in order to transport and return your volunteers and group's tools on the day of Bobcat Build? *

Do NOT Include Yourself In The Following:

Please Include The Full Name and Texas State Email For Each Volunteer (EXCEPT YOU)

Participant 1

Participant 2

Participant 3

Participant 4

Participant 5

Participant 6

Participant 7

Participant 8

Participant 9

Participant 10

Participant 11

Participant 12

Participant 13

Participant 14

Participant 15

Participant 16

Participant 17

Participant 18

Participant 19

Please ensure the information above contains the completed information of ALL of the volunteers in your group. *
By clicking the checkbox below, I agree that all people listed on this form are aware they are being registered to participate in this large-scale service project on Saturday, April 4th, 2020. *

Jobsite Leader Meeting

It is required that Bobcat Build has a cell phone number on record for each jobsite leader. When you attend the mandatory meeting you will be given essential information about the Kick-off event, the assigned jobsite, and timeline.

Limit 19 participants per jobsite leader.



ALL jobsite leaders must attend one of the of the mandatory meetings.

By checking the box below, I understand that as Jobsite Leader I will be the only person receiving details about the event and that it is my responsibility to inform the rest of my group. *
By checking the box below, I understand that if I or the rest of my group fail to attend the event, there will be a registered jobsite that will go unserved by Texas State University on the day of Bobcat Build. *

Once your information is complete, click SUBMIT. Please email us at if you have any questions.